About Vitiligo

Vitiligo (vit-uh-lie-go) commonly called as ‘leucoderma’ is a condition in which there is a development of milky-white patches on the skin. Millions of people of all races and ethnicities worldwide have Vitiligo. It occurs in 0.5-2% of the general population. So we found there is less production of melanin by melanocytes rather more destruction of melanocyte, actually enzyme Tyrosinase which converts tyrosine protein into melanin which normally thrown into the keratinocytes, tyrosinase stops working b/s dna of melanocyte stops signaling to this enzyme.

Our main aim achieve best results is to re stimulate tyrosinase and restart process of repigmentation using phototherapy.


Optimization of UV-treatment: We are focused on constantly optimizing the treatment regimen for light treatment of generalized vitiligo, to maximize the benefits and minimize the side effects for our patients.

Vitiligo usually affects the skin on the body but other areas such as the scalp, lips and genitals can also be affected. Patches of hair can turn white. It develops because colour producing cells in our skin called melanocytes, die.

There are some factors which have been implicated in aggravating Vitiligo, though no definitive proof has been found for any of these; they include emotional stress, pregnancy and illness. Deficiencies of vitamin B12, folate, copper and zinc have been associated.

Those whose parents have Vitiligo and associated autoimmune diseases are more likely to get it as compared to the general population. Though in most cases there is no family history of the condition. Anyone can get this skin disorder.

Myths about Vitiligo

Because of the stigma attached to the disease and limited understanding of its causes many myths abound:

Foods – Many believe that Vitiligo can be aggravated by eating milk or other white foods, or sour foods like citrus fruits; or by drinking milk shortly after eating fish. The reality is Vitiligo has not been shown to have any connection with diet nor does it have any impact on the severity of this condition.

Dysfunction – Vitiligo is purely a disease of the skin and does not influence the physical and mental abilities.

Vitiligo is not contagious by nature therefore cannot be transmitted through touch, sharing personal items, saliva or intercourse. It is not related to disorders such as albinism, leprosy or skin cancer.

The condition cannot be ‘cured’ by any form of medicine – modern medicine or alternative medicine. The disease spread can be controlled and medications can help restore lost skin colour.

In the early stages light-coloured to milky-white patches can appear, gradually increasing in size or appearing over other parts of the body. There may be periods of activity where new spots can appear and existing patches can increase in size, or inactivity.

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What can I expect from the treatment?

Treatment mainly based on phototherapy, an modern and highly accurate way to procure an ancient concept of vitiligo treatment, Atharwaved has mentioned treatment with Psoralea corilyfolia (Bawachi) nearly 1800 bc. Patient has to contemplate minimum 2 times ( in case from distant places once per week) per week.


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